Boat Jumbles are great places for advertising your business, unloading old stock or meeting new customers. Cheaper and more convenient than a conventional boat show.

Business Opportunities


Chaddock & Fox Promotions have been involved with the marine industry for over 30 years and we recognise the trying times businesses are facing at present with the economic recession impacting on sales, particularly in the leisure sector.

Exhibiting at the major boat shows has become prohibitively expensive for many companies; even some household names in the industry chose not to attend the London Boat show this year. Public attendances have also been lower at these shows as domestic and international visitors feel the pain of the credit crunch.

We believe that our events can offer an extremely cost effective solution for companies to get some quick sales on clearance items without damaging their reputation in the market place.


Boat Jumbles offer the opportunity to liquidate large volumes of unwanted stock for cash which could otherwise be sitting in warehouses or stock rooms waiting for the economy to improve.


Attendances at these events have remained stable and in some areas increased. They are attended by all demographic groups from dinghy sailors to big boat owners. Everyone is looking for bargains today.

Our attendances range from 1000 for our smaller shows up to several thousand for our bigger events and for a price lower than an eighth of a page advert in a yachting magazine you can exhibit.

Unlike the major boat shows, attending one of our events is simple, inexpensive and can have instant results.

They're not just for the private sellers of second hand goods. Around 60% of our traders are businesses attending to sell new items at discount prices. The benefits include; -


  • One day events so no overnight accommodation needed.
  • Simple mode of operation, drive up and unload your stock and sell.
  • Forget the ten hour days our events run from 10am until 3pm.
  • Put up a marquee if you want, if not brave the elements or we also offer indoor events.
  • Regional shows so you can select a local event.
  • Space only stands start from as low as £35 for a 4.5 meter square plot. (15Ft x 15Ft)
  • Take a multiple plot stand space eg. Block of 4 for only £140.
  • Talk to us about bigger display stands;show off your range of boats.
  • Bring along any boat on a trailer for only £25
  • Dispose of your unwanted stock for cash.
  • Dispose of damaged or shop soiled stock to the public and other traders.
  • Sell off past season stock without compromising your new lines.
  • Take orders for new products and services
  • Hand out promotional literature
  • Make connections with boat jumble traders for regular volume clearances.


Don't want to exhibit? Can we put you in touch with a buyer for your clearance stock?

Boat Jumbles may not be as glamorous as boat shows but they have been around for over 20 years for sound economic reasons so have stood the test of time. You need to explore every business avenue during these tough times so if you would like to find out more contact us directly.